Hey Stranger,

I’m Jess, a curious creative based in wildin’ Koreatown, Los Angeles. I pack this blog with stories about my life, the places I roam, the histories I learn and, most importantly, the strangers I meet along the way. I’m a learner - I love it - and it’s, thankfully, connected me with people from varying backgrounds, histories, experiences and journeys that have shaped my life in unimaginable ways. Which brings me to this - the people presented in my blog are not really strangers to me - not anymore, at least - because in order for them to have shared their stories, we had to develop cooperation and mutual trust. Nonetheless, they may be strangers to you and, so, this proposes a unique opportunity.

But, first, a little background - this whole thing started in 2015 as a personal project; my blog was a place to document my travels and experiences in a multimedia-rich way and, at the time, my main readers were my closest family and friends, but now I have pen pals based all over the globe! As a result, my blog and community have taken on a new purpose - the opportunity to learn from strangers, to be introduced to different human experiences, and to, maybe, rewire our assumptions and preconceived notions. On this premise, I hope you enjoy my blog, feel inclined to engage with the community here, ask questions, share your thoughts and, in doing so, be a stranger from whom we all can learn too.

Without further ado, welcome to my blog, Stranger!