These silly ghost balloons are a fun craft project for the whole family. This is a fun and easy project that can add an element of humor to the spooky season.


  • White helium-filled balloons (9” work best)
  • Ribbon
  • White tissue paper (use large sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black dry erase marker
  • Pink or red vinyl (optional)


  1. Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise (hot dog style), and then fold it into thirds widthwise. Cut a scalloped edge along the bottom of your tissue paper.
  2. Unfold your tissue and cut into two, down the length of your first fold. You will use one for each ghost.
  3. Place a few pieces of double-sided tape along the non-scalloped edge of your tissue and adhere it around the center of the balloon. If the tissue does not reach all the way around, you can add a smaller piece to fill in the gap.
  4. Draw your faces! Use a black marker to draw eyes, sunglasses, a mouth—whatever you so choose. You can also cut pink tongues, red hearts or other “accessories” out of vinyl and attach them to the balloon for an extra pop of color.
  5. Tie your ghosts together or place them individually along your driveway, by your front door or around your party. You could even leave them face-less and let guests draw their own and take it home as a Halloween party favor.

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