Meet Dr. Andy

Dr. Andrew Kapust grew up in Olympia and graduated from Olympia High School.  He received his doctor of dental surgery degree from the University of Iowa and his post-graduate specialty certificates in Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry from The University of California at Los Angeles, (UCLA).  Dr. Kapust is Board Certified in Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry and is recognized as a Diplomat of The American Board of Orthodontics and The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.  He is one of few dentists in the country to be recognized as a Diplomat in two different dental specialties.  

These credentials allow Dr. Kapust to provide exceptional dental and orthodontic care for the child/adolescent patient.

Dr. Kapust is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and they have two children, Ryan and Ella.  The Kapust's are engaged in the community and support many charities and organizations.  They love the outdoors especially boating on the Puget Sound and skiing in the mountains.


Ryan Kapust

"My dad is pretty much the best dad I could ever have. For starters, he does all of the things that I take for granted like putting a roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes on my back. He works really hard and doesn't expect anything in return. Along with that, he doesn't only provide us with the bare minimum, but with things like a nice house, a Catholic education, a ski cabin in the mountains, new clothes, a pool, and many other things that just shows he loves us so very much. My dad is a devoted Catholic, gives to the Church and helps out the homeless. To me, he is very much a person to admire.

My dad doesn't just give us things and never spend time with us.Every weekend in the winter, he drives us up to our ski cabin in Packwood, WA and watches movies and plays foosball with us when he isn't cooking us dinner and chilling in the hot tub with us. Once we get up in the morning ready to ski, he cooks us a good, big, and hearty breakfast so we can ski for a while before getting hungry. When we are not skiing or out inner tubing on the Puget Sound, we are probably playing basketball. He will play one on one, 21 with Ella and I, or helping me with my basketball moves and giving me tips. As you can see, my dad is an all around wonderful person and hard worker and is the best dentist and dad I know."

Ella Kapust

"My dad is truly the best dad anyone could have. My dad works really hard but he also has a fun side. On his fun side, we go inner tubing and go to Boston Harbor which is across the bay from our house. We also go skiing every weekend at our cabin. Everyone in my family are great skiers,but my dad's the best. We also go on hikes at Mount Rainier National Park which is only like seven minutes away. We also go swimming in the river and it is cold!

My dad also plays a lot of sports with us. Like he plays basketball, tennis, and football with us. After we're done playing a sport and we're tired we brush our teeth and then brings us to bed. If we forget our water he will get it for us and then kiss us goodnight. As you can tell my dad is very nice, fun, and a very hard worker.

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