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Day in the life with Stereo Test Record

I met Edgar through my friend Ruben. I actually created a really neat story about Ruben here that I would love for you to check out. Anyway, upon meeting Edgar, I knew he was a sweetie and very personable, and he had this very stoic side of him that, after learning a bit more about him via this project, makes a lot of sense. He's very entrepreneurial and multitalented; taught himself music engineering (with no formal education) and produces music for his band, Stereo Test Record, as well as for others in Albuquerque, he also runs THE food review blog…
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Artist Ramon Espinoza on Life and Music

Long Beach, California native, Ramon Espinoza, age 28, is no stranger to life’s trials and tribulations. In fact, he’s had to go through some real, deep and challenging shit to see strength and power in the mind - his mind - and what he can do with it. In 2012, Espinoza experienced a family plight that turned his entire world upside down. Without going into too much detail, because the details of the plight itself aren’t really the point of this story, Espinoza explained how he watched members of his family - individuals with whom he shares his blood and…
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My Trip to the Moon – Los Lunas, New Mexico

Hey Everyone - I recently caught the cold bug, which took me out for quite some time. I hadn’t been sick for more than 2.5 years, despite all of the moving and drastic change in climate (Ukraine to New Mexico & New Mexico to Southern California), so, my body seemed to have forgotten what it was like to be sick. I usually pride myself for being one tough cookie, but I honestly couldn’t handle it this time around and stayed in bed for a couple of days and slept. En lieu, I am behind on some projects, but will be…
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The Band, Chives, that Grows in Cali Suburbia

Hey Everyone - I have a really exciting announcement to make: I have just become a member of the PeaceArt team, here in Los Angeles, which is a group of artists who showcases the works of other artists in Los Angeles County. PeaceArt has its hands in many areas, from podcasting to selling merchandise, to broadcasting on Instagram Live every week, to hosting live concerts and the list goes on. I have been, so gratefully, asked to join the team, after meeting the head honcho Tony, as the content writer and photographer, which, honestly, has my chest sticking out to Timbuktu.…
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Keeping it Classic at Classic Barbershop ABQ

I can’t tell you how many times I walked right by this place - Classic Barbershop on 111 7th Street in iscussionowntown Albuquerque. I guess I never paid any mind to it, because, well, for obvious reasons, I go to the salon. I know what a barbershop is, of course, but my idea of it was fueled by the few times I watched my dad get his high and tight at the Base Exchange barbershop, during which these adorable Asian women would buzz my dad’s hair away with clippers that had a massive blue hose attached to the end. The hose, I…
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An analog film journey of New Mexico

Around the New Year, I was gifted three vintage SLR cameras from my friend Kyle. Go peep his Instagram; you’ll find 3 things: dogs, muscles and food. He’s a goof. Anyway, Kyle told me that his father was a traveling man during the 1970’s and explored much of Central Asia, bringing his camera kit along to take hundreds of 4x5 analog film shots of all of the faraway people, places and things he discovered. The kit included two T3 Nikkormats, rare as all hell, a variety of lenses (35mm, 50mm, 200mm, 24mm), an aluminum Halliburton case, an array of colorful…
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Who is Synyster Vail?

Somewhere along the Mainstreet of America, where 1950’s neon street signs still rise above adobe deco art buildings that give sentiment to a distant and busier past, walks a musician with his guitar in hand and in search of a cool place where he can play his music. The musician is Ruben Vail and the place he looks for is partially lit by the beating sun and also shadowed, possibly by one of those rising 50’s street signs, I mentioned. Ruben Vail finds his spot in Old Town, the oldest town, hence its name, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s early…
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A Photo Tour of Working Class Califas

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of doing a photo tour in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts Districts with new contacts from the Instagram group Beers and Cameras LA. One of those new contacts was Katia Monroy-Santos who stood out to me with her eye for 1990's grunge band photography. Some of my favorite works of hers are these summer vibin' 35mm shots of her long-haired friends wearing baggy flannel shirts, scuffed up leather boots and black pants with holes in them and chillin' along vibrant yellow stucco walls of a retro motel. Since seeing these shots, I was curious…
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I’m sharing my stories and advices the individual traveller, for the one who loves exploring places without a tour-guide.

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