Day in the life with Stereo Test Record

I met Edgar through my friend Ruben. I actually created a really neat story about Ruben here that I would love for you to check out. Anyway, upon meeting Edgar, I knew he was a sweetie and very personable, and he had this very stoic side of him that, after learning a bit more about him via this project, makes a lot of sense. He’s very entrepreneurial and multitalented; taught himself music engineering (with no formal education) and produces music for his band, Stereo Test Record, as well as for others in Albuquerque, he also runs THE food review blog The ABQ Reviews (which is the first of its kind in the city) and it’s picking up speed because, um… BRILLIANT! (Honestly, why didn’t I think of that? lol)  and he’s almost entirely self sustained as an entrepreneur (working just a day or two a week at the local Smiths) at just 21 years old because he is relentless and hellbent about following his passions, which means he learns a lot about his trades, improves his skills, makes sacrifices and mistakes, networks like his life depends on it and takes in the world in which he lives, we live, a digitalscape in which, if unlocked in the right way, one can make a lot of impact.

Anyway, I’m kind of digressing, but this is my segue into what this post is really about – following your passions, unforgivingly.

Anyway, through Edgar, I met his band, Stereo Test Record, that consists of the very talented and extremely freaking hilarious Matt, Zack and Kirk. They’re just a bunch of regular guys who don’t know how cool they are, but that’s exactly what makes them so cool. They let me tag along on a day with them doing what bands do… chill, create, laugh their asses off, have fun and be entirely engrossed in the rapture of their passions – in this case, making music.

Kirk is the absolute biggest goofball.

Zack is extremely creative.

And Matt is the skilled listener.

I mean, mind you, these are my “in a nutshell” descriptions of the guys, because they’re so much more than that.

But, having this exclusive access and experience as a fly on the wall to their band “process” made me realize that passion is the epitome of freedom. What I mean is that when you’re passionate about something, you’re opening yourself up and going to, what I consider, the “other side”; a place a lot of us never get to see because we’re so consumed by this world of pressures and anxieties and ideas of what we should be. But passion, it frees you, it reminds you that life may not be perfect but it can have perfect moments and that’s what I saw with the guys from Stereo Test Record. This was super contagious for me as a fellow creative and someone who has always put the idea of “an artist” on an unreachable pedestal, because I opened up too and I felt included and a part of the process and thus my passion became all encompassing of me… which produced this video.

I hope you get what I’m saying here.

Anyway, the mini doc about Stereo Test Record is a glimpse into what it means to be a band, yes, but it’s mostly about passion. I wanted this video to showcase what collaboration means, like building relationships, being comfortable with one another, encouraging each other, celebrating each others natural talents (because I do believe we have a little bit in all of us) and working hard on achieving something that only we’ve labeled as beyond our reach – living your dreams… i.e. passions. I don’t know, they may disagree, maybe not, but I believe that the guys from Stereo Test Record are doing exactly that and if they continue to follow it, it will take them to places and introduce them to people unimaginable.

Buy Stereo Test Record music here.

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